Csomagok és árak




Doors, luggage, engine compartment detection   x x
Bluetooth driver authentication x x x
Keyless go protection x x x
Hijack x x x
Identification monitoring x x x
Alarm Notifications x x x
GPS Visibility & Positioning x x x
Remote shutdown x x x
Service Mode x x x
Phone App x x x
Customizable Settings x x x
Language Selection x x x
Car State Feedback x x x
Battery Control x x x
Surge Protection x x x
Disable Startup   x x
CAN Interface   x x
Arming from your own or separate remote   x x
Light Alarms   x x
Position Monitoring O x x
Additional battery + tamper protection O x x
Auto-on/off arming + lock monitoring   O x
(NEW!) Speed-dependent robbery O O x
Position Monitoring in Service Mode O O x
Glass break detection   O x
OBD Prohibition O O x
GSM Blocker Detection + GSM Visibility Tracking O O x
(NEW!) Query Control O O x
(NEW!) Country Border Tracking O O x
Online User Account O O x
Sleep Mode O O x
(NEW!) Accident Detection + Lift Sensor O O O
Features available from phone O O O

x The Service is included in the package
 O  The Service can be ordered in addition to the package (Optional)



Car Guard Vehicle Protection EASY Package: HUF 115,000 + VAT
Car Guard Vehicle Protection PLUS Package: HUF 165,000 + VAT
Car Guard Vehicle Protection IQ Package: HUF 210,000 + VAT


Package prices are one-time charges, no additional monthly fee is required for using the service! 
All Car-Őr car protection packages can be upgraded with optional accessories (prices include installation costs). The prices shown do not include VAT and SIM card and are in HUF.


Accident Detection + Lift Sensor (New !!!) 27.000,-

Hybrid Stop Module:


OBD prohibition 24.000,-
Additional battery + tamper protection 3.000,-
Glass Break + Air Pressure Sensor: 9.400,-
Ultrasonic Passenger Protection: 15.600,-
Radar cabin protection: 17.400,-
Lift Sensor: 16.800,-
Window winder module (2 windows): 22.600,-

Online programming option for user account:

Sleep Mode 8.000,-
GSM Blocker Monitoring + GPS Visibility Monitor 19.500,-
Position Monitoring 8.000,-
Speed-dependent robbery 5.000,-
Border monitoring 5.000,-
Position monitoring in service mode 4.000,-
Auto-on / off arming + lock monitoring 8.000,-