Intelligent, user-friendly protection system that adapts to your and your car’s needs!

The Car-Guard is no just a car alarm system with many sensors, but also a complex vehicle protection system that consists of several levels of protection units. The complexity of those protection units prevents the car from unauthorized access and robbery.

Our goal was to create an easy-to-use vehicle protection system that does not affect the cars factory comfort and safety. Our user-friendly interface brings the need of your interaction to a bare minimum. Once the installation is complete, all you must do is use the car just like you do daily, while our system runs unnoticed and keeps your car safe.

The Car-Guard App is now available for IOS and for Android device. It allows you to take control of many of your car’s features from your phone.

Car Guard Vehicle Protection not only provides effective protection for conventional Diesel or Petrol vehicles, but also provides maximum vehicle protection for the latest HybridPlug-in Hybrid and Electric Cars.

The Car-Guard's defense system meets today's expectations and employs futuristic technologies.

All this without any monthly fee and at an affordable price!

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Why You Need Car Guard

Car-guard. Maximum security, maximum comfort.

As you have probably noticed, in recent times, the amount of car robberies and other acts of vandalism associated with cars has drastically increased. The aging fleet of cars increases the demand for cheap parts, having a knock-on effect on the amount of stolen and dismantled cars. Replacing a stolen vehicle is a serious problem in almost every case. Unfortunately, even if you are comprehensively insured it doesn’t mean you will be fully compensated for your losses. Having all that in mind, your vehicle must be equipped with CAR GUARD.

There are many vehicle protection systems out there, but we assure you that CAR GUARD has been there the longest and is your best choice !

We can verify this statement with the following points:

  • For more than 10 years, our company has been building complex vehicle protection systems developed by us. The selection of system elements was based on long research and testing. The software and hardware side of the engine blocking technology is also our own development, which is significantly different from other systems available on the market. 
  • Our company attaches great importance to the physical looks of our systems and keeps them in contrast to the comfort of the vehicle, with the highest possible safety. That is, safety is achieved by not compromising the car's opening and start-up comfort. 

Key features of our system: 

  • The CAR-IR IQ Vehicle Protection is a system of separate protection elements located at several different points of the vehicle. The actual protection is achieved by blocking the vehicle at several points (H-tech). Car-Guard Vehicle Protection is partly a factory wiring and function-utilizing device. This ensures high comfort and ease of use. (No separate remote control, keypad or card required.) 

We believe the car is for us, its use should not be more complicated because of the protection system.

  • CAR-CAR CAR SAFETY uses the cars Can-Bus system to collect information, but does not feed information, does not modify the factory control program. Therefore, not affecting the manufacturer’s warranty at all. The alarm can also block intrusion on the diagnostic connector. 
  • The latest Bluetooth technology robbery protection is an integral part of our package in case of CAR-CAR protection even in case of theft of the key and / or the factory remote control.
  • An important part of vehicle protection is the GPS-GSM unit, which transmits all important "state changes" of the vehicle to your mobile phone and, of course, its current position. In fact, we can also give remote instructions to the car, allowing us to intervene at any time to prevent unauthorized seizure.
  • We can provide this without a monthly fee, with only one installation cost.
  • It is important to note that although the system has not been designed for online car tracking, it still allows you to ask where the car is located at any time (for example, in an unfamiliar city or in a huge car park, you will not have to wander around looking for your car anymore), and in the possible event of a theft, it is possible to track the cars current location and movement.

The process of buying and installing:

Our products can be incorporated into any vehicle.

To save a date for an installation, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

+36 20 591-2291

Because of the complexity of the system, installation usually takes one business day.

The GPS-GSM unit requires a working active SIM card. Since only the cost of sms messages required for queries will appear on this card, a basic prepaid SIM card is usually recommended. The card of any service provider is appropriate.

Installation on our company site:


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We offer a 2-year general warranty on CAR systems, and of course, our team is there to help you with any issues relating usage and operating.