If I don't have my phone, or the battery is dead, can I still open and drive my car?

  • Of course, you can use your car. The system asks you to identify yourself, but this can be done differently, in the manner known by the owner, not just with the smart device.

My car is smart key / proximity card. Can the Car Guard System be installed in such a car?

  • Yes. Indeed! After installation, the keyless function of the car remains with the same, unlike many other systems! Furthermore, our system also protects against modern keyless theft techniques.

I've heard that there is nothing to protect the car if there is no engine lock?

  • Engine lock is required for systems that place their protection unit there. However, this can result in several inconveniences and mainly, the loss of the factory warranty. 
    The Car Guard's protection units are not limited to the engine compartment. Complex, multi-point security features. There is of course a violent engine shutting options, however they are only used in an emergency situation.

What happens if I steal my car key?

  • In this case, even if the thief manages to open and start the car, our complex and multi-step lead identification has the robbery process interrupted before the thief gets away. You will also be immediately notified of any change of state, giving you the opportunity to intervene in several ways.

I've heard that thieves copy the cell phone signal, so-called "GSM interference"?

  • Our system can uniquely distinguish between non-field strength and GSM interfering signal and in the latter case trigger the robbery process and stop the vehicle.

What if my car is stolen and taken on a trailer?

  • This can happen, but the system recognizes this. You will be notified immediately, the robbery system will be activated automatically, so your car will become immobilized. The position of the vehicle can be queried at any time, even continuously, so you can follow where the car is transported.

A prepared car thief can break the protection through the vehicle's diagnostic connector (OBD), right?

  • Yes. In fact, today it is one of the most dangerous attack surfaces for cars. However, the Car-Guard car protection system also blocks the car's diagnostic network (OBD). This way they cannot access the car systems.

Does the installation of the system not affect the factory warranty?

  • No, the manufacturer's warranty is not affected because the Car-Guard protection system only receives information from the car's electrical system and digital network, does not send back signals, does not control it. It does not involve any modifications during installation. Thus, the factory warranty remains untouched.

And if I take the car to the service or for a valet?

  • The Car Guard can be set to service mode at any time, which does not mean turning off the entire protection system.

Does a position query mean allow me to track where my kids have driven?

  • Only if you have set this permission for it. Only the owner of the main phone number can grant privileges. In addition, you can do these conveniently from your own computer, independently.