Make it simple for the owner and difficult for the thief

Easy for the owner, while extremely complicated for the thief!

Car manufacturers and engineers work to make the car easy to operate and serve the owner as best at possible while keeping the comfort at a high level. In many vehicle protection systems on the market this comfort and ease is often compromised. That doesn’t mean Car-Guard does too, in fact it doesn’t. Car-Guard was designed not to interfere with any of cars features like Opening, start-up, Keyless Go, Keyless Opening, etc. Therefore, after installing our system you do not need to change keys, carry extra remotes, you worry about nothing !
Below you can find a “Competition Analysis” link, where we compare our system to other systems currently available on the market. Why Car-Guard should be your top choice? Go ahead and see for yourself.


Safe Comfortable

Unique Trend

  • Complex vehicle protection
  • User-friendly handling   
  • Smart system
  • Demand Packages Accessories
  • Customizable settings
  • User Account
  • Free telephone application
  • Monthly Fee Waiver
  • Warranty
  • Save energy
  • Telephone notification
  • GPS positioning
  • Keyless-go protection
  • Bluetooth Driver Identification
  • Remote Stop
  • position Monitoring
  • OBD prohibition
  • Accident alarm
  • GSM blocker recognition
  • Sabotage


Maximum safety, maximum comfort!

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars too!


Analysis of our competition
(Check out why our system is superior!)