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Even more comfortable

Divided into groups you can choose between the functions and now receive feedback on the current states.

You can choose from a variety of different functions and receive feedback on the current state/s of your vehicle.


New feature!

Accident Detection

If the system detects a collision or rollover due to an accident, it sends an SMS notification to all the suggested phone numbers (except the driver's phone number) with the text "ACCIDENT ALARM" and the contents of the vehicle's geographical position and operating status.


User Account

We have created a user account for our Clients. By accessing your account, you can easily change the phone numbers, devices, and permissions of your car at any time from your phone or any other online device. Here you will find the Car Guard's Operating Instructions and the location of your Service Button.



Hybrid Stop Module

We have developed a new car protection module to safely stop a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and all-electric cars   in accordance with EU standards.

With this unit, we are not only stopping the Hybrid car's petrol engine (because it can even cause significant damage to some types of cars) but control the entire system.


The smart module

One of the most important aspects of the development of the Car-Őr vehicle protection system was the simple "user-friendly" design. One of the main features of our system is that no separate remote control or key is needed. The car is opened and closed as usual. The Car-Guard system does not prevent the car from being available with factory-available proximity cards without key! (Keyless Go, Advanced Key) Robust anti-theft feature of all Car-Guard car protection systems, which can only be controlled by the owner in a unique way. This way, you can sleep without worrying that someone steals your car even if they get their hands on the factory keys.

However, to make our system even more convenient, we have developed a module that also serves a dual purpose, which also allows for fully customized and secure identification.




Our system is equipped with an intelligent module that recognizes the mobile phone or other smart devices in your pocket. Therefore, your identification with the vehicle is as easy as just being there.

This, we believe, is a really convenient and safe solution, but of course it is also individually adjustable. This function does not involve any call or data traffic, it does not interfere with the operation of any Bluetooth devices already connected. 

But that's not all!


GSM blocker recognition




Our new intelligent module is also able to detect if you are disturbing or trying to suppress the radio waves necessary for your mobile phone (i.e., using a GSM blocker). Basically, this means that it would prevent robbery in the case that someone tried copying your GSM signal off your phone to open your vehicle.

This module can distinguish between the lack of a GSM network signal and a disturbed GSM signal. In this case, it is automatically activated after the previously known robbery control function and the mandatory pre-signals, stops the car and then notifies you and any other specified phone numbers.

At the same time, the system with this module also incorporates well-known and proven techniques, including remote positioning, remote intervention, and traditional anti-robbery.

The new module creates a new layer of protection around the vehicle, all without reducing the comfort of use, but increasing straight the Car Guards system complexity. Of course, it is also possible to connect multiple phones to the system, so there is no problem if the vehicle will be used by more than one person.


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The Car-Guard Application was developed for the comfort of the users. You can control your car from the phone and access some of its features remotely. You can download it free of charge from the App Store and on your Android devices from Play Store!

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