I am Gábor Hajós the managing director and owner of Htech-Autó Kft. 
I have been dealing with vehicle repairs and vehicle protection systems for decades. I worked as a manager at various brand service centers, and in 2002, I set up my own car service. 
I have been working with my colleagues for years, they are truly great professionals. 
The most important thing for me is precision, quality work and customer satisfaction. I also adhered to this set of values ​​in connection with the development of the SmartCar vehicle protection system, which I personally developed with the experience gained earlier in the installation of other alarm and protection devices. Besides our precision, we have a good mood and humor.

Contact us and make sure you do it in person!

Yours sincerely, 
Gábor Hajós



Address: Old Killarney Road, Derrynasaggart,  Ballyvourney, Co.Cork
Email: patryk.osnowski@quicksupport.ie
Phone: +353 87 135 1843
Opening hours: M-F 8-17

If you have any further questions about the SmartCar vehicle protection system, you might want to contact our company for further cooperation or a larger volume of fitting (fleet), call our sales manager on +353 87 135 1843

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